Taking The Pulse Of The Episcopal Church

Episcopal Pulse is a collaborative project of the
TryTank Experimental Laboratory and The FaithX Project

The purpose of Episcopal Pulse is to take the pulse of The Episcopal Church on a variety of important issues through regular, 2 minute, 1-2 question micro-surveys of a representative cross-section of leaders (ordained and lay) and members at denominational, diocesan, and congregational levels. Weekly micro-surveys will begin mid-January, and we will be releasing this information publicly on a regular basis through many channels, including an Episcopal Pulse Newsletter (watch this space).

Two other organizations will be gathering important data on The Episcopal Church in early 2022:
  • General Convention Office of The Episcopal Church, which will be collecting data through the 2021 Parochial Report.
  • Church Pension Group, which is conducting its 2021 Clergy Study a survey of Episcopal clergy.

All three of our data-gathering efforts will make different but very important contributions to our understanding of The Episcopal Church. The difference is that their data-gathering is a canonical requirement of the Church and/or in response to General Convention resolutions, while ours is an entirely independent effort. We encourage clergy and congregations respond to their efforts, as well as ours.

Got questions about the Episcopal Pulse experiment? Contact the experiment manager, Ken Howard, at [email protected].