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Taking The Pulse Of The Episcopal Church

The purpose of Episcopal Pulse is to keep keep a finger on the pulse of the Episcopal Church through regular, two-minute, 1–2-question micro-surveys of a representative cross-section of the leaders (ordained and lay) and members at the denominational, diocesan, and congregational level on issues important to the present and future of the church. The project is now in a proof-of concept experiment phase.

We are now seeking 700 volunteer respondents to take part in this 6-9-month experiment. Respondents will commit to answering each micro-survey within 24-hours, and provide feedback as requested, for the length of the experiment.

The selection process is designed to form a representative cross-section of the Episcopal Church. Respondents are expected to be associated with the Episcopal Church at the congregational, diocesan, and/or denominational level.

To submit your application to partner with us in this important experiment, fill out the Register Now form on this page.

Episcopal Pulse is a collaborative project of the TryTank Experimental Laboratory and The FaithX Project.

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